Life is for living

By Kristyne Dahl, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Counselor @ the Divine Mine

As everyone knows life is not only busy but it moves at lightning speed. We all have our own responsibilities, family, work, friend’s, there’s little time for really living. Distractions bombard us constantly & it seems everywhere we look there are reminders of what we want but don’t have. This unfortunately is not living.

Did you know that in order to live your life fully, it’s imperative to disengage from the distractions that take you further away from what you desire. And these distractions are everywhere. Ideally one wants to redirect themselves away from the distractions by engaging in those things that bring you closer to your ultimate desires. 

When you live your life for others, for things or situations you are missing the point to living. The idea of living is that we embrace all of the opportunities this universe has to offer us. When we are really living we celebrate all of the opportunities to grow.

Did you know that being present without resistance is a secret to really living?
Here’s some more secrets about really living:

When you are really living you understand that there are some things you can change and some things that are out of your control. And when you have chosen to participate in this life and really live you choose to release your claim on people, situations and “things”. You focus on your life, the present and what you would like to bring into your life. When you are really living you understand that it doesn’t matter what others think or say, it doesn’t matter what’s going on around you, and it doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have.

Think about it like this, when you are really living you are flexible, adaptable, and open. You release the rigidity of limited thinking. You in essence set yourself free of grouping, comparing or judging yourself and others. You release the need to resist and instead you embrace the opportunity to experience the miracle of every moment (meaning both the “perceived” good and bad).

Note - When it comes to the bad things in life by the way all you have to do is, become the observer and give yourself a chance to discover more about yourself without judgment. 

Than celebrate your experiences equally. Celebrate all of your lessons and be grateful to make the most of each moment for no good reason other than it feels a whole lot more fulfilling than the alternative.

When you are really living your life you know what matters is that you live it! No-one else can do it for you.  So be present,  expect the ideal results, focus & consistently work toward what you want.

What do you expect?

By Ma Ananda Sanghavasini, Meditation Facilitator & Intuitive Life Coach at The Divine Mine.

In this month’s article I would like to reflect on the impact expectations can have. Most of us human beings live our lives from an unconscious place, simply reacting to
‘outer’ circumstances. When we get up in the morning we might have an expectation of what the day will bring, or simply don’t give it much thought. As we go through our day we usually bounce around between different emotions depending on what kind of situations we find ourselves in. This way of living is coming from identification with mind. When we are identified with mind we don’t pay attention to what’s happening right now. We don’t fully live life, we simply miss it all by resisting the moment, projecting into the future or lingering in the past. We compare with past experiences and from this decide whether the situation is acceptable or not. This all happens from an unconscious level and is not good or bad, it is just the movement of mind. That’s all.

When we have expectations we are not open to new experiences. Yet, if we are not open to experience something new, we keep being stuck in the same experience over and over again and wonder why. From the mind’s perspective change is not good thing. Western society is based primarily on identification with mind. In our culture, change equals bad news and brings about a lot of fear. Yet, there are cultures that encourage change and support this, that live life by simply being in the flow of it.

When we expect life to be a certain way and it doesn’t meet our expectations we start to resist it. We resist life by resisting what’s happening in the moment. This can be seemingly little things like being in a traffic jam, having to wait in the line up at the super market or seemingly bigger things like not getting the job we wanted or a relationship that is not working. I write seemingly because ultimately, it simply is resistance to life itself when expectations are not met. When we resist life, we cannot experience the joy, bliss and happiness that are at the core of our being, just waiting for us to be embraced. When we keep holding on to our expectations we live on the periphery of our potential as a human being. We are searching for this bliss and yet stopping the experience of it by having expectations. It is like looking for your glasses while all the while you are wearing them.

When we are open and willing to go with the flow, seeing life as an adventure and embrace the uncertainty that comes with it we start to experience life from a depth that is beyond mind. How can live from this place? Simply notice it when you are resisting life. Simply notice when you find yourself frustrated when an expectation hasn’t been met., and most of all: smile as you notice this! When we smile we open ourselves up to the flow of life. Expectations might still be there, but by noticing them you can start to let them go. Notice them, smile and take a deep breath. Then, just see what happens! Have no expectations about not having expectations and simply enjoy the journey.

The Negative Ego

By Kristyne Dahl, Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Counselor @ the Divine Mine

As a practitioner I can see the need for more information about “The negative Ego”. It’s wonderful to see how many more people each day are being exposed to this information about the Ego, although we haven’t even come close to bringing this information to the surface for people everywhere. As a society I feel we have just begun to understand the value in comprehending and managing “The Negative Ego” to each of us individually, let alone to society as a whole. I believe that every person needs access and should be exposed to this critical information immediately so more people can begin to live far more fulfilling and happy lives.

In today’s day and age we have far more valuable information available to us so that we can create amazing lives and accomplish amazing things. It is truly a time for Authentic Empowerment, it is a time to learn and then use the knowledge to take powerful action. One of the major factors in being able to accomplish this is the often undervalued ability to manage the Negative Ego.

Did you know you must master managing your Ego in order to access your fullest potential? So here is some information that you can use to help you live an easier and softer life. 

Everyone alive has an Ego self and a Higher self. Many people are aware of this but many of those people don’t understand what this means to you.

Your higher self:

This is the part of you I call your authentic self. It is the part of you that creates your reality. This part of you is all knowing. It is where your immortal spirit resides. It is also the part of you that is already truly empowered. The energy the higher self carries is always positive.

The Ego self:

This is the part of you I call the synthetic or manmade part. It is the part of you that has been taught everything in it since the day you were born. I always say this part of you is synthetic it’s just an illusion that it’s real.

The intentions behind the Ego, are always the same, it is always trying to help you...it is trying to keep you safe. It loves you and wants you to be safe. And so you must be sure to thank your ego for being there for you. Please understand that there is not one person alive willing to work as hard for you as your ego does.

The problem with the Ego is that it is very subtle when it takes charge. It is a great manipulator and is very convincing. It’s job is to hold you back (in your comfort zone) Now I am not saying that the Ego’s intention is negative but ultimately it results in negativity.

All of this would be ok if you were meant to stay sheltered and safe, but you are meant to work towards fulfilling your full potential, in order to do this you must break free from your comfort zone. You need to move beyond the box in order to maximize your life’s potential. You need to move to the part of you that can create miracles. You need to move into your most authentic self, also referred to as higher self.

It is time now for those of us alive today to master the ability to manage the Ego so that we can not only create the life we desire but we can also use the time to fulfill our mission.

More and more now I hear people saying that they are becoming aware that perhaps the way they have been living isn’t working for them anymore. The life that used to fit just doesn’t anymore. This feeling is one that for some has been around for many years, while for others is just beginning to surface.

If you find this happening to you, think of it as an opportunity to truly empower yourself and sculpt your life into what you dream it to be. In order to do this in the easiest softest way it’s critical that you be diligent in your managing of the “ego”.

Many people have already begun to find themselves in major life transformations they had no idea they were creating. It’s important to understand your thoughts create the reality in your life, now you may say that you know this already but do you know that when you are creating your thoughts while in ego you are creating thoughts carrying negative energy. If you are trying to create your ideal life but are doing this from Ego you will probably find yourself going in circles.

The first thing you must do is to master managing your ego. Once you have become a master at Ego management you can than work far more easily towards the fruition of your dreams. This in my opinion is always the fist step.