Healing Circle

This is such a powerful and moving two-part healing circle to take part in; for yourself as well as your ancestors. Join Natasha Mott and David Montgomery as they, through the Akashic Records, the Language of Light and accompanying Ascended Masters, heal and transform these passed down energies and blocks.  

Part 1: August 11th @ The Divine Mine North Location:

With the knowledge and guidance available now, we are able to lovingly and with great support, heal, transform and remove these unnecessary energy blocks from our lives, freeing ourselves and our ancestors to focus on the greater purpose of your souls’ journey. The understanding that we all have genetically and energetically inherited our ancestors unprocessed traumas, beliefs, non-useful traits and even dis-ease. 

Part 2: August 25th location TBA:

As we continue to move higher in vibration and light, opening more to our divine self, we are accessing higher wisdom and information that enables us to heal and transform and integrate ancient knowledge and wisdom at levels not known to us before. 

Facilitators: David Montgomery and Natasha Mott
Investment: $50pp
Time: 6pm-8pm