House Cleanse

A house cleanse involves a holistic approach to purifying the energy within a living space, fostering an environment conducive to spiritual well-being. The process often begins with opening windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate, revitalizing the space. The centerpiece of a spiritual cleanse is often the ritual of smudging, where sacred herbs like sage or palo santo are burned to clear lingering negative energy. As the aromatic smoke permeates each room, Sabrina will focus on intention-setting, visualizing the space imbued with harmony and spiritual positivity. She will strategically place protective crystals, and sound cleanse with singing bowls or bells. Regular maintenance is encouraged to sustain the elevated spiritual energy within the home, making the practice an integral part of one's spiritual routine.

Benefits of House Cleanse: 

- Improved Energy Flow: A house cleanse promotes a more fluid and positive energy flow within the living space.  

- Enhanced Mood: Clearing negative energy contributes to a more uplifting and harmonious atmosphere, positively impacting the mood of occupants.

- Stress Reduction: Removing clutter and cleansing the space can create a calming environment, reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

- Better Sleep: A energetically balanced home can contribute to improved sleep quality, aiding in rest and rejuvenation.

- Positive Intentions: The act of setting positive intentions during a house cleanse fosters an environment where those intentions can manifest.

- Removal of Stagnant Energy: Energetic cleansing methods, such as smudging, help dispel stagnant or negative energy, creating a fresher and more vibrant living space. 

- Spiritual Connection: House cleansing rituals often include spiritual elements that can deepen the connection between the occupants and their living environment.

- Promotion of Harmony: Clearing and balancing energy within the home encourages a sense of harmony and balance among its inhabitants. 

- Increased Productivity: A well-organized and energetically cleansed space can enhance focus and productivity, creating an optimal environment for work or creativity.

- Sense of Renewal: A house cleanse can bring about a feeling of renewal and a fresh start, allowing occupants to leave behind any negative influences or experiences associated with the space.


Practitioner: Sabrina - Modern Day Witch & Healer

Cost: $250 (within the city limits, additional travel cost can be quoted for surrounding city customers)

Maintenance cost after initial cleanse/blessing $100