Healing Mantras Workshop

Mantras are sound vibrations of infinite potency that penetrate through all the layers of a human being  When used correctly with intention and concentration Mantra chanting is the most effective and easy to use medicine.

Join Prashant and learn how it it is traditionally used to benefit and heal body-mind-spirit and to live a well-balanced and fuller life. 

You will explore:     

                   The principal mantras and their correct pronunciation
                   The right mantra for you
                   Correct methods and progressive levels of chanting                                             
                   How to feel the subtle and outer vibrations of the mantra
                   The traditional methods of listening to the inner sounds

Facilitator: Prashant & Sangavasini
Cost: $42

Please call 403-375-0585 to reserve your space for the north location. We do require that you register for our events so that we may prepare for the number of attendants as well as we know who to call should any changes have to occur to the event - thank you!