Retail COVID-19 Relaunch Considerations

The Divine Mine COVID-19 Relaunch Considerations for our RETAIL portion of our operation.

Screening for symptoms:

  • front door has information about not entering the premise should customers/delivery drivers have any symptoms
  • staff are asked to stay home should they feel ill, staff will contact the owner if they feel ill and the owner will be responsible for finding coverage of their shifts
  • if staff have any symptoms they will be asked to have a COVID-19 test 

Distancing Measures:

  • signs on the floor reminding customers & employees to keep their distance
  • limit of 8 customers in the store at one time
  • plexiglass partitions have been installed at the front desk and jewellery counter
  • where physical distancing is not possible, employees will wear a mask 

Cleaning Measures: 

  • customers are asked to use hand sanitizer supplied at the front door upon entering the premise (if preferred the customer can wash their hands in our washroom)
  • hand sanitizer available through various touch points within the store
  • front desk counter disinfected regularly
  • front door handle inside and out disinfected regularly
  • other high touch points are disinfected regularly
  • credit/debit machine has a tap function, if the customers card is not able to tap we have stylus available for the touch screen that can be cleaned easily between customers
  • washroom disinfected on a regular schedule 

Personal Protective Equipment:

  • employees will wear supplied face masks where physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • gloves to be worn by employees when handling cash or personal items from a customer 


  • cashiers are responsible for asking customers to sanitize their hands upon entering
  • if non-compliance, the customer is asked to leave by the manager
  • employees are responsible for maintaining their own PPE

Please see our other COVID safety measures outlined for our services on our website under the services section.